Catch The Vision

Catch the vision

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It all started when…

A small restaurant in Boerne had the idea that together we could be begin to impact others with kindness and a warm bowl of soup. What if customers were partners in feeding hungry people who need a helping hand? What if someone’s life was completely changed because they felt valued, cared for, listened to? What if our compassionate customers took the time to sit next to a stranger and hear their story and see them as a person?

At Boerne Soup Kitchen, our customers buy a bowl (or sometimes several) of “Community Soup”. This is our Pay-It-Forward program that allows others to collect a warm, nutritious meal when needed. We are connected to several local agencies who interface with others and have a small group of volunteers that are always looking for ways to get soup into the hands of those who need it.

The next time you see someone needing a meal, bring them with you to our house. Together we can make a difference. Catch The Vision.