Our Story

final week of operations

On September 15th we made the announcement that our business would be closing on September 28th. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know so many wonderful people who we can now call friends. We hope you get another chance (or even a few) to come by and have a fresh made meal with us in our final days of operations. It has been our pleasure to serve the Boerne community and surrounding areas, and distinctly so to be able to give away so many bowls of soup. We estimate that by closing date it will be approximately 1400 or more bowls of Community Soup we have given away with your partnership.

The BSK is incredibly proud of the fact that our kitchen is 100% gluten free. We love to develop flavors with ingredients in a new and fresh way. While we specialize in creating great soup, we also offers a wide range of additional options. Our customers who want vegan (V), vegetarian (VG), or other preferences are able to easily find what suits them on our daily rotational menu. We strive to meet the needs of specific diets while not isolating those who want a traditional meal.

We use the freshest ingredients to begin each dish, choosing the best possible produce and proteins for your health. Each time you visit our unique kitchen, the menu will be fresh as we rotate our dishes every week. To further explore our menu, click below.

Our future plans are uncertain at this time but we have been requested to provide personal chef options and cater small dinner parties in the future. If you would like to discuss these options for a specific need you have, please contact Kathleen at Until we meet again, eat well, be well.